The Immigrant Experience in Chicago and Illinois

Bobby supports creating a legally protected class for immigrants in the State of Illinois.

The City of New York has protected immigrants since the 1980's in this way. 

Illinois should be a leader in this area, and is currently falling behind. 

The United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Illinois provide protections for "any person."  Arguably, immigrants and a person's citizenship status are already protected. 

In the current era, immigrants have been discriminated against heavily.  However, should the federal government refuse to act, the States are empowered with a variety of tools to act on virtually any issue. 

Creating a protected class is a far greater degree of protection than what Illinois currently does. 

Bobby is passionate about this issue because he is a first generation immigrant.

In a statement on social media he states:

"I come from a family of strong women.  They are immigrants and they are independent thinkers.  My Aunt Gloria at 74 is a business owner, Uber driver and campaign warrior. My Aunt Betty is a retired CPS teacher of over 30 years, and volunteers every day. Mom is a boss. She has been a computer programmer for over 30 years and continues to shatter glass ceilings. Thank you to all of them for running with me, and fighting to make the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois the magnificent places we know they can be. Our story is special because it is not so unique.  It is the story of our community."


Taken on a sunny day in Pilsen